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The Power of Business Processes, or How to Achieve Your Goals!

April 12, 2019

Implement This New Approach Into Your Business

April 2, 2019

The Missing Link

April 2, 2019

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“...We have started to work together in the last 9 months.  In this time, I have no doubt that Florin has helped to make significant improvements to my organization's progress, both operationally and also in helping me to develop my own vision.  
If you look hard enough and dedicate enough time, I have no doubt you will find the advice available either on-line, in books or through university courses. What you do get with Florin though, that stands apart from these methods, is someone who will accelerate this progress greatly, he will cut through the information and deliver the parts that are relevant to you and your business in short time and tailored to your needs at that time. I think of Florin as a personal tutor and coach. Our clients come to us when they wish to learn specialist skills that we can deliver, in turn we go to Florin when we need help with learning specialist skills ourselves.  
I would definitely recommend working with Florin, he has a fantastic outlook and I have no doubt that he has made significant contributions to our current forwards steps...” Tom H. Multiple Busines Owner

Tom H. Multiple Business Owner


Using our 17 years of experience in business and project management, we help companies to become more productive, to lower their costs, to increase revenue and growth and eliminate bottlenecks, by introducing more effective working procedures, a better structure, establish better communications, better mindset, better time efficiency and alignment in their teams.



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